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Ring Size

Purchasing the wrong size ring is everyone's nightmare don't worry we are here to help you.

You have the option to call or email Beaut for a free ring sizer or alternatively download the Beaut ring size guide which is available in PDF format CLICK HERE

If the ring is a surprise the above method won't help - an idea would be to try to get hold of a ring of the person maybe if it's left lying around and:

  1. Make an imprint of the ring into some 'Blue Tack' or a similar product, then lay it in a small box so that it does not get distorted and send it to us - we will be able to take a reliable measurement of the ring size for you.

  2. Put the ring onto one of your fingers, push it down as far as it will go and mark the position with a pen and using our ring sizer measure the finger size at the marked position.

Useful information

  • Engagement rings are usually worn on the ring finger (the one in between your middle and small finger) it is not unusual in some cultures that the ring is worn on the right hand.
  • If you still find difficulties in getting the persons finger size we suggest you order the ring in a size M which seems to be a very average size and have it resized after you present it. This method is not uncommon.
    We will resize the ring for you for a very small fee in some cases it is even free, it usually takes 5 working days.
    We will notify you if this is going to take any longer.

Very Important:

On no account should the ring be taken elsewhere to be re-sized as this will render your guarantee with us invalid.


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